Vice President’s Responsibilities


  • Vice President
  1. The Executive Board shall include a Vice President who shall act as chief of staff of the Executive Board and work closely with the President on all LPSSA matters. In coordination with the President, the Vice President shall organize the agendas for the meetings of the Executive Board.
  2. The Vice President shall act as President when the LPSSA President is absent or unavailable. If the President is no longer able to serve, the Vice President shall succeed the President in office, as Interim President, until an election pursuant to provisions of the LPSSA Constitution.
  3. The Vice President shall be LPSSA’s primary liaison to the student leaders of each of the undergraduate, graduate and professional schools and should coordinate activities when appropriate.
  4. The Vice President shall coordinate the planning of special events and projects.
  5. The Vice President shall perform other duties as delegated by the President.
  6. The Vice President is responsible for knowing and performing the duties of their position as described in this document.

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