Treasurer’s Responsibilities


  • Treasurer
  1. The Executive Board shall include a Treasurer who shall be responsible for all budget issues. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and current financial reports and records.
  2. The Treasurer shall present to the Executive Board a final, detailed budgetary and expenditure report for the prior academic year no later than the first day of September in each academic year. This report shall remain on file with the Executive Board and shall be available for review by any member of LPSSA.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to prepare a copy of the annual LPSSA budget for any University official as necessary.
  4. The Treasurer shall budget, allocate, and monitor funds dispersed under the auspices of the Executive Board in accordance with established University guidelines.
  5. The Treasurer may spend LPSSA funds over the summer in a manner consistent with the provisional budget and shall notify the Executive Board of such expenditures.
  6. The Treasurer is responsible for knowing and performing the duties of their position as described in this document.

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