Secretary’s Responsibilities


  • Secretary
  1. The Executive Board shall include a Secretary whom shall record the minutes of all Executive Board and general membership meetings and produce those minutes upon completion of the meetings.
  2. The Secretary shall maintain a record of all LPSSA proceedings and keep on file all resolutions approved by the Executive Board and general members.
  3. The Secretary shall coordinate all room reservations, logistical planning, refreshments, and supplies for Executive Board and general membership meetings.
  4. The Secretary shall monitor the attendance at all general membership meetings, certify that a quorum exists, and take roll-call votes when necessary.
  5. The Secretary shall coordinate and manage the LPSSA elections as described in Article IX.
  6. Prior to any election to the Executive Board of LPSSA, the Secretary shall forward to the LPS University staff all LPSSA officer candidates to confirm eligibility, pursuant to Article IX, Section B as set forth below.
  7. The Secretary is responsible for knowing and performing the duties of their position as described in this document.

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