Greetings LPSSA Members,

Thanks to all who attended our monthly meeting this past Friday! You can download the full meeting notes by clicking here. It’s been great seeing familiar faces every month, as well as getting to know new members for the first time. Everyone in attendance has been providing us with valuable feedback, and we’re grateful for that. We also had a lot of fun bringing the whole crew to Landmark Bar and Grill afterward the meeting on Friday night—hopefully we’ll have some pictures to post soon and have even more friendly faces join us after next month’s meeting on December 7th.

In the mean time, here’s a quick list of some of the things we’ve got in the works:

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • End-of-the-year social event
  • Student ambassador program
  • More regular, informal social events

The LPSSA was little more than a pipe dream a few months ago, so we should also recognize what’s we’ve already been able to accomplish:

  • We are currently featured as one of the “First Steps” for new LPS students at Penn (
  • Our brand new website is humming along, and we’re getting some great conversation going in our forum (
  • LPSSA members continue to use this organization as a springboard for collaboration with other LPS students—in a day or two we’ll post the details about another student-organized social event going on this weekend (PS: special thanks to Joshua for hosting the Halloween party!).

Good things are already happening, but we’re confident that even greater things are on the horizon. And as group run exclusively by LPS students, for LPS students, we want you to join us.

See you at our next meeting on December 7th (if not sooner!).