Catherine Bouvier, Rupal Prasad and Iliana Sepúlveda, all LPS students in the Masters of Environmental Studies Program, are raising awareness about World Toilet Day, “a call for action to improve global sanitation.”

Taken from Penn News:

PHILADELPHIA — Toilets may not make for a glamorous subject, but they’re critical to global health. On Monday, Nov. 19, students from the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with thePhiladelphia Global Water Initiative, will be drawing attention to their importance by recognizing World Toilet Day.

Catherine Bouvier, Rupal Prasad and Iliana Sepúlveda, all students in Penn’sDepartment of Earth and Environmental Science, are leading the efforts, encouraged by Stanley Laskowski, a lecturer in theMaster of Environmental Studies Programand founder and president of PGWI. The three students are also PGWI volunteers.

“The big thing we’re trying to accomplish is to bring awareness to the issue that there needs to be more solutions to sanitation problems,” said Prasad, a student the MES program, which is part of the College of Liberal and Professional Studies based in the School of Arts and Sciences.

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