At our last meeting, our special guests The Penn Band taught us all about Penn Tradition.  We learned the history, we sang the songs, we went through the motions, now it’s time for  HOMECOMING!!!

Here’s the plan:

10am – 12pm:  Inn at Penn
Everyone dress in their red and blue. Show some school love! We’ll meet at the Inn at Penn, which in on 36th and Walnut. It’s the same building as the bookstore, but the entrance is a half a block down on Walnut Street. The restaurant is on the second floor. We have reservations until noon, so if you can’t make it at 10 with us, or you want be there a bit early, you can do so.

12 – 12:30
We’ll head to Locust Walk and enjoy some of the events, then head to Franklin Field for the game.  If you would like to just meet us for the game, we will be gathering at the flag pole in front of the Palestra (223 South 33rd Street) at 12:30.

Game starts at 1:00!

For more information about Homecoming, visit this link:

Hope to see all there!