Advanced Registration Begins Monday October 26th

Check out these helpful tips for a successful start to spring!

  • Meet with your advisors (LPS and Major) before entering course requests, they provide important input into this process
  • It is not first come, first serve – you have the same chance whether you enter the courses on the first or the last day of advance registration
  • If possible, always enter an alternate for each course
  • The alternate must be the same course type (lecture, seminar, recitation, lab)
  • Enter in more courses than you are going to take – this is in case you do not get into your first choice
  • Small and/or popular classes should be entered as your first priorities
  • If you need to get into a writing seminar, put this as your first priority
  • Make sure you enter in all parts of the course (lecture and recitation, lab and lecture, etc.)
  • Declaring your major gives you a better chance to get into certain classes
  • Make sure you determine which classes will be eligible for tuition reduction early on as this may affect your choice in courses
  • If you need to change your course load from the current semester, be sure to check in with your LPS advisor and SFS for financial implications
  • If you do not get into your first choice of classes, you can try again or find alternate courses once Add/drop resumes (usually 1-2 weeks after the end of advance registration)