LPSSA Board Members 2013-2014

Cory Boatwright

Position: President

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2014 | Senior in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in International Relations

In the Future: Cory is focusing his academic efforts on stakeholder engagement and corporate social responsibility programs and plans to blend his education and international experience to help organizations mitigate risks associated with globalization. Basically, he wants to get paid to travel.

On LPSSA: I got involved with LPSSA to help improve the returning student experience within the Penn community. Since then, I’ve met a lot of cool and interesting people, expanding my network of friends and contacts. I’m looking forward to LPSSA’s continued success and meeting more students. You should get involved with one of our initiatives or attend one of our many social events. No doubt, you’ll be glad you did—lasting college friendships start here. See you soon!

About Cory: Cory Boatwright is a junior at University of Pennsylvania majoring in International Relations, where it is rumored he is the only bald person on campus not a professor. Before coming to Penn, Cory served in the U.S. Air Force as an Aerial Combat Videographer. As a result, when he is not doing homework, Cory spends his time running away from loud noises and taking cover from Penn helicopters. He hails from Portland, Oregon and can be considered a neo-hippy; meaning if you see him picking up garbage around campus, there is a good chance he’ll try to sell it to you. Feel free to talk to him on campus (as long as you don’t approach him from behind) and strike up a conversation. Or, email him at  cory@pennlpssa.org.


Darren Finn

Position: Vice President

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2014 | Senior in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in Biological Sciences

In the Future: Darren plans to use his education at Penn as the foundation for a career in healthcare. After graduation he hopes to acquire an advanced degree in the field of medicine or biomedical science.

On LPSSAI initially became involved with LPSSA for a variety of reasons. Foremost, I wanted to aid returning/continuing students like myself by helping to provide additional resources and support from within the University. Furthermore, I saw joining the LPSSA as an amazing opportunity to meet and engage a community which I feel encompasses some of the most interesting and diverse students on campus.

About Darren: Darren Finn is currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is majoring in Biology. When Darren is not in class or studying, he works for Penn Residential Services as both a Housing Manager and Graduate Associate. Darren also serves as an EMT on Penn’s Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT), where he provides pre-hospital treatment to the Penn community and the greater Philadelphia area. In addition, he spends much of his free time as a Pre-Medical Mentor and Volunteer at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he has worked in the departments of Trauma Surgery, Emergency Medicine and the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).


Mike Banks

Position: Outreach Coordinator

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2013 | Senior in the School of | Majoring in

In the Future: Mike plans to…

On LPSSA: LPSSA is da best.

About Mike: Mike Banks is…





Selena Oleck

Position: Social Coordinator

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2014 | Senior in the School of Arts and Sciences | Majoring in Earth Sciences with a concentration in Geology | Sub-Matriculate in the Masters of Science of Applied Geosciences

In the Future: Selena plans to pursue a career in the environmental sector, either with a government body such as the EPA or with a private environmental consulting firm.  She hopes to use her geoscience knowledge to make the Earth a better place.

On LPSSA: I became involved with LPSSA because it gave me the opportunity to help myself – and others – have a more traditional undergrad experience.  I wanted to be able to connect with other LPS students, and LPSSA has given me the chance to do that.  Every LPS student comes from a unique background, and I love hearing those stories.  With a new social event always in the works, I hope to hear many more stories!

About Selena: Selena is currently a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Geology and sub-matriculated in the Masters of Science in Applied Geosciences. Selena is a full-time student, working as a Teaching Assistant in the fall semester and taking too many classes in the spring. She has spent 89% of her life living in or around the Philadelphia area. Before coming to Penn, Selena worked a variety of jobs before returning to school and studying at West Chester University for a year. Now that she’s majoring in Geology, she likes long walks in the desert and hammering at rocks.


Lois Chapla

Position: Director of Communications

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2015 | Sophomore in the School of Arts & Sciences

In the Future: Lois hopes to combine her experience as a paralegal with her education at Penn to figure out the new Health Care laws and how they affect the average American.

On LPSSA: I got involved with LPSSA to give me an opportunity to be a part of the Penn community. Being a non-traditional student in an Ivy League University can be overwhelming. When I attended my first LPSSA meeting, I felt connected. This diverse group of amazingly talented individuals has so much to offer. Everyone has a story, and we can’t wait to hear yours!

About Lois: Lois is currently a sophomore and undeclared so far, hoping to eventually major in Health and Societies. Lois is part-time Penn student, full-time Law Department Administrator and Paralegal at Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company in Philadelphia, full-time wife and mother of three daughters. Lois hails from Philadelphia and when not studying, working or hanging with her family, you can find her spinning with other LPS students or taking up residency in the Fisher Fine Arts Library, one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.


Eddie Burns

Position: Secretary

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2015 | Sophomore in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in English with a concentration in Economics

In the Future: Though his background is within the financial sector, Eddie is deciding wether to get back into the Wealth Management or to go into Consulting. His friends see him in Politics.

On LPSSABeing involved with LPSSA gives me the opportunity to not only improve the returning student experience at UPenn, but to meet & work closely with unique people who are just as driven as I am. If it’s true that someone’s network is their net worth, then my future is looking mighty fine with all of the students I have already networked with in LPS so far. I look forward to meeting even more. Tomorrow we rule the world!

About Eddie:Eddie Burns is a Sophomore at University of Pennsylvania majoring in English. Before coming to Penn, Eddie worked as a Senior Manager with Merrill Lynch & Company’s Global Wealth Management Group. While studying at UPenn Eddie works as a Stylist/Consultant for fashion titan Ralph Lauren. Eddie was raised in Philadelphia and loves talking about his experiences here. Feel free to reach out to him on campus or email him at eddie@pennlpssa.org.


Gary Nagy

Position: Treasurer

At Penn:

In the Future:


About Gary:




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