LPSSA Board Members 2012-2013

Cory Boatwright

Position: President

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2014 | Junior in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in International Relations

In the Future: Cory is focusing his academic efforts on stakeholder engagement and corporate social responsibility programs and plans to blend his education and international experience to help organizations mitigate risks associated with globalization. Basically, he wants to get paid to travel.

On LPSSA: I got involved with LPSSA to help improve the returning student experience within the Penn community. Since then, I’ve met a lot of cool and interesting people, expanding my network of friends and contacts. I’m looking forward to LPSSA’s continued success and meeting more students. You should get involved with one of our initiatives or attend one of our many social events. No doubt, you’ll be glad you did—lasting college friendships start here. See you soon!

About Cory: Cory Boatwright is a junior at University of Pennsylvania majoring in International Relations, where it is rumored he is the only bald person on campus not a professor. Before coming to Penn, Cory served in the U.S. Air Force as an Aerial Combat Videographer. As a result, when he is not doing homework, Cory spends his time running away from loud noises and taking cover from Penn helicopters. He hails from Portland, Oregon and can be considered a neo-hippy; meaning if you see him picking up garbage around campus, there is a good chance he’ll try to sell it to you. Feel free to talk to him on campus (as long as you don’t approach him from behind) and strike up a conversation. Or, email him at  cory@pennlpssa.org.


Douglas J. Watts

Position: Vice President

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2013 | Senior in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

In the Future: Doug plans to use his education and experience to help individuals and organizations create systematic success. Basically, he wants to get paid to give advice. After Penn, Doug plans to attend the Detroit Ninja Academy but, ever the pragmatist, he is lining up a few safety schools to pursue his Masters at as well.

On LPSSA: I joined LPSSA for the comradery and the chance to make a positive impact on my school.

About Doug: Before coming to Penn, Doug attended the Community College of Philadelphia, where he studied business and plotted ways to gain admission to UPenn. When he is not doing homework or working, Doug spends his time watching moves (mostly on Netflix), playing video games (mostly on Xbox), watching sports (mostly on TV), or working out (mostly not that hard…he has a great “one-pack” to prove it). Despite the fact that he moved around a lot as a kid, he hails from Greensboro, North Carolina. Doug is focusing his academic efforts on the intersection and interaction of philosophical and economic praxis in the world at large. If you would like to know what, “the intersection and interaction of philosophical and economic praxis” means, or if there is something else Doug can help you with, please email him at doug@pennlpssa.org.


Andrew Borstein

Position: Online Communications Director

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2013 | Senior in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in Psychology

In the Future: I want to find a career where I can help people and solve problems. Although that doesn’t narrow it down very much, I’m currently planning on pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology.

On LPSSA: I’m really excited for the opportunity to improve the experiences of other LPS students, to make some new friends, do some networking, and maybe drink a few happy-hour beers with my LPS peers.

About Andrew: Andrew is the mad genius webmaster for http://pennlpssa.org. He started college in 2001 at the George Washington University, splitting time between school and his band for two and half years before deciding to “postpone graduation” (as he described it to his parents) to pursue a career in the music industry. For six years, Andrew toured and recorded music full time. Google “Monty Are I” or click here if you wanna see him with ridiculously long hair—he’s the guy on stage left playing keyboard and sometimes trombone. After the band moved on, Andrew worked at rhdri.org for a couple years and loved the crap out of it. Last fall, 10 years after starting, he decided to finally finish college. All of his previously earned credits were about to expire, so it wasn’t a terribly hard decision. If you want to talk about the content/functionality of this website, the finer points of craft beer, or the nature of human existence, email him at andrew@pennlpssa.org.


Kellie Cathey

Position: Events Coordinator

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2014 | Junior in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior

In the Future: “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – Sir John Lennon

On LPSSA: I joined LPSSA to reach out to the other members of LPS, share my experiences at Penn, and help other students feel part of the Penn community.

About Kellie: Before coming to Penn, Kellie studied Biology at Montgomery County Community College when her brother so geniusly (geniusly, is that a word?) said, “Hey Kel, you should apply to Penn!” and the rest is history. If Kellie isn’t delving into the wonderful world of neuroscience, she is typically listening to music, thus strengthening the synaptic connections between neurons. Her life essentially revolves around school and neuroscience, except for when she is out partying with her friends (legally), where she is so unfortunately killing her neurons. Oh, and she also loves spending time with her family, especially her 7 month old niece, Cecilia. Feel free to say hi to her around campus, but it’s likely that she’ll be a walking zombie fueled with too much caffeine. Looking forward to seeing you around ☺


Darren Finn

Position: Treasurer

At Penn: B.A. Candidate, Class of 2014 | Junior in the School of Arts & Sciences | Majoring in Biological Sciences

In the Future: Darren plans to use his education at Penn as a foundation for a career in healthcare or medicine. After graduation he hopes to attend medical school and/or acquire an advanced degree in the field of biomedical science.

On LPSSAI initially became involved with LPSSA for a variety of reasons. Foremost, I wanted to aid returning/continuing students like myself by helping to provide additional resources and support from within the University. Furthermore, I saw joining the LPSSA as an amazing opportunity to meet and engage a community which I feel encompasses some of the most interesting and diverse students on campus.

About Darren: Darren Finn is currently a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is majoring in Biology. Before coming to Penn, Darren lived in Albany, NY where he received an Associate Degree in Biological Sciences from Hudson Valley Community College. When Darren is not in class or studying, he works for Penn Residential Services as a Student Housing Manager and also serves as an EMT on Penn’s Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT). In addition, Darren spends his free time as a Pre-Medical Mentor and Volunteer at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he has worked in the departments of Trauma Surgery and Emergency Medicine.

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